In Idaho, a Plea to Freeze Fees

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Writing about the perpetually growing costs of college is not easy. Endless stories about fee hikes and 5 percent increases and caps and textbooks--it's a struggle not to make your readers want to drop out before they drown in debt. Nevertheless, Boise State University's Arbiter makes a valiant attempt this week with a long call-to-arms headlined "Fee Fie Grow Sums: How Much Cash Ya Got There Chums?". The prose is clear, and so is its point: "I can't tell you exactly how much our tuition is going to rise," writes staff writer Dustin Lapray. "All I give you is the information detailing the possible increases, and offer you the slot in time by which you may speak your opinion of such increases." That time, according to a correction: Thursday, February 15. We'll watch to see if Lapray's rallying call takes hold.