The Next Barack Obama?

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Sen. Barack Obama first got national attention when he became the first black president of the prestigious Harvard Law Review. So how come Andrew M. Crespo, who on Saturday was named the review's first Hispanic president in 120 years, hasn't gotten more attention? Maybe because everybody's still watching Obama; but at least let Crespo ride the Obama wave!

Crespo does not yet have specific plans to build a presidential exploratory committee. "I'm thinking of the next two months," he told the Crimson, when his focus will be on building diversity at the Law Review. But he didn't exactly rule out a future in politics. Which isn't so surprising: As a Harvard undergraduate, Crespo served as cochair of Harvard Students for Dean (you can see a photo of him in that role here) and took a how-to seminar on political organizing. Leading the Law Review could be great prep for leading a country-or could it? The New York Times ran a skeptical article on that question last month, only to print an editor's note admitting a key source on the idea that Obama's Harvard experience wouldn't help him run the country was actually an adviser to rival candidate Sen. Joseph Biden.