In California, Statewide College Faculty Strike Possible


University strikes usually involve a campus's least visible employees—like janitors or grad students. But in the next few weeks, the Ph.D.-clad faculty of the 23-campus California State University system could stage a strike of its own, San Francisco State's Golden Gate [X]Press reports. The disparity between faculty salaries and the generous salaries of the college's executive officers, who often take home six figures in annual earnings and compensation packages, the San Francisco Chronicle has reported, was the focus of a march through San Francisco State's Malcolm X Plaza Wednesday, led by California state Sen. Leland Yee. Yee, a San Francisco State graduate and former lecturer, introduced a bill that would require the state's regents to hold open salary negotiations.

Yee hit on student anger over rising tuition, too: "I graduated from this university," he said. "It was affordable then, and it should be affordable now." A Daily Aztec columnist at San Diego State wishes more students would join in that spirit. "While the teacher protests are occurring around California because of salary cuts," she writes, "I look around my 500-person lecture class and wonder why students aren't protesting as well."