On the EBay Block: Tuition, Room, and Board


Oklahoma-Wesleyan University put itself on eBay Sunday, kind of. Bidding for one year of tuition, room, and board began at 1 cent. What is the school thinking? "We're looking to create a buzz," Special Assistant to the Vice President Mike Colaw told the Examiner-Enterprise. As of this morning, more than 20 people had bid, and the highest bid was more than $15,000. The auction is scheduled to end on Feb. 13. Tuition, room, and board now cost about $23,000. Admitted and nonadmitted students are eligible, as are generous people bidding on their behalf. If the winner has not been accepted to OWU, she or he will be required to apply through the regular admission process.

The bidding site is here.

The university's information site is here.

Winning bidder, if you want to get in touch with us (age/sex/location?), E-mail here.