Super Bowl Winner: U. Wisconsin-Stevens Point Freshman

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A 19-year-old "little [college] freshman" from a small town outside Milwaukee was the brains behind a 30-second, $2.6 million ad in last night's Super Bowl. The ad features dozens of shirtless men--including one old man and one cowboy--washing three women's Chevy HHR ("GUYS CAN'T KEEP THEIR HANDS OFF IT"). Katie Crabb, who studies English education and theater at the University of Wisconsin's Stevens Point campus, won the prize through a Chevrolet contest that sought college students' ideas for a Super Bowl ad. "I can't even imagine having that much money in my life and then to spend it on one 30-second spot," Crabb told CBS. A big-time ad maker served as producer, though Crabb got to sit in a director's chair and help out during production.

The verdict so far: A panel of experts organized by the Salt Lake Tribune praised the ad, saying, "It doesn't take a Madison Avenue or Wall Street genius to have a good idea." AP Business reporter Seth Sutel joined their chorus. But there are some haters: Two advertising execs told the Austin American-Statesman that commercials should be "left up to the experts." Watch the commercial .