Move Over, Pamela Anderson: At Illinois, Engineering Students Are the New Pinup Girls

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The University of Illinois's Daily Illini has discovered a calendar few others seem to know about. Called "The Girls of Engineering 2007," it includes racy photos of actual Illinois engineering students. But despite nine months of work and 3,000 copies made, only 300 have been sold since the calendar went on sale last October, the calendar's executive producer tells the Illini. To help cut that deficit, you can go to the new company's home page, but beware of some scandalous shots. The risqué poses didn't come naturally to all the models. "A lot of that stuff was foreign to them," the producer tells the Illini. The calendar is supposed to demonstrate that smart girls are also sexy.

The university's college of engineering neither encouraged nor discouraged the calendar, a representative tells the Illini.