Mexican Sister School's Newspaper Ban Makes TCU Think About Cutting Ties

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Allegations that their sister school in Mexico censored its student newspaper have led Texas Christian University officials to re-examine their "entire relationship" with the school, Mexico's la Universidad de las Americas, the Daily Skiff reports. UDLA students built La Catarina in 2000 after meeting with Daily Skiff editors in Texas and Mexico to learn how to operate an independent press. Then, this year, editors published cartoons making fun of the university's chancellor and soon after found the paper had been shut down by administrators. The closure is "proof of the fragility and, many times, the false freedom of expression in Mexico," one student said. UDLA administrators deny censorship and insist the closure is not permanent. But TCU administrators don't seem to be convinced. TCU Provost Nowell Donovan said the incident "greatly perturbed" TCU officials. "Unjust censorship is not part of the ethos of TCU, nor should it be of any university," he wrote.