Oscars? What Oscars? Here's Who Won The Best of College Newspapers 2006

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Maybe it was the Year of the College Blog after all. In 2006, college papers (and national papers) were filled with months'-worth of headlines about rape allegations against lacrosse players, plagiarism accusations against a Harvard novelist, and investment-banker ridicule of a very ambitious Yale student for whom "Impossible Is Nothing." But college bloggers at Wesleyan University, a travel columnist and an editor at the University of Southern California, and a bow-tie loving university president in Nashville were the more worthwhile college stories in 2006--at least according to our sort-of scientific contest.

So while Ivy League students may have nominated themselves for the most awards, vanity does not equal newsworthiness according to Paper Trail readers. Which is just the way we like it, actually. Help us stay on top of your campus's news in 2007 by continuing to send tips and feedback to papertrail~at~usnews.com.