Newsmaker of the Year: Vandy President Has a Chef and a Wife with Alleged Habits and a Lot of Money, Too

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Vanderbilt University President Gordon GeeThe Wall Street Journal may have been preparing to publish a long front-page tell-all on his wife's alleged drug habits, his personal chef, and his $1.4 million annual compensation package. But that did not stop Vanderbilt University President Gordon Gee from hosting a bow-tying lesson on his Alumni Lawn just a few weeks before--and picking up an honorable mention for Paper Trail's Blingingest man on Campus Award in the process. When the Journal finally did come out with its anticipated report, Gee gentlemanly responded with three acknowledgments: "Yes, I am the highest-paid university president in the country . . . yes, we live in a very big home, and we do a lot of entertaining," he told the Hustler newspaper. And finally: Yes, "we have raised lots of money and the university is doing incredibly well."

Add to that: Yes, Paper Trail readers think you're ... interesting.

It was a squeaker. Gee beat Vayner by just two votes.

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