Was the UCLA Tasering a Civil Rights Violation? New Lawsuit Says Yes

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Mostafa Tabatabainejad, the UCLA student whom campus police struck with a Taser two months ago, filed a federal lawsuit against UCLA and university police yesterday claiming his civil rights had been abused, the Daily Bruin reports. Police struck Tabatabainejad repeatedly with a Taser gun when he failed to produce identification in a campus library and then did not leave the library promptly when asked. A cellphone video of the incident surfaced on the Internet shortly after, sparking a campus protest. The lawsuit also claims that the attack on Tabatabainejad, who has a bipolar disorder, violated the Americans With Disabilities Act. But the lawsuit's main goal, the student's attorney told the L.A. Times, is "to change the way UCLA police behave and treat people on campus, their discipline and their training."


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