SIU Smackdown: Professor Asserts She Is Not an "Academic Terrorist"; President Shakes Head and Scoffs


Southern Illinois University's board of trustees has erupted into a confrontation akin to the Rosie O'Donnell-Donald Trump throwdown, the Daily Egyptian reports. At each other's throats: Linguistics Professor Joan Friedenberg and SIU President Glenn Poshard, who reportedly called Friedenberg during a November meeting one among a group of "academic terrorists" who "lay in the weeds and throw bombs at everybody." Last week, Friedenberg fought back at a faculty meeting Poshard attended, declaring that she is "certainly not a terrorist," demanding an apology and threatening consequences if she doesn't get one--including legal action.

By "terrorists," Poshard seems to be referring to a committee known as Alumni and Faculty Against Corruption at SIU, which last September gave the Chronicle of Higher Education documents suggesting the university plagiarized its long-range growth plan from a similar plan at Texas A&M. At the meeting last week, Friedenberg also accused Poshard of attempting to blackmail her for $3 million. Poshard, who was in attendance, "shook his head and scoffed in the microphone," the Daily Egyptian reports.