Columbia Student: I Dated the 'Harvard Rapist'

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Of course, Ashley Cross doesn't think he's a criminal, but that's what one-time Harvard student D. Douglas Drew has been called in multiple media outlets since he pled guilty to sexually assaulting another student in 1998--and was dismissed from the university shortly thereafter. Cross, a student at Columbia, writes in a New York Times column yesterday that she loved Drew anyway and always believed the accusation was a miscommunication between drunk college students. The two broke up not because of the rape accusations per se, but the way the accusations affected their sex life, Cross writes.

Cross may have meant to vindicate her former lover, but she seems only to have given him more bad press. Gawker laughs at her "miscommunication" defense, digging up this 1999 Crimson article, which uncovers documents that indicate Drew's victim said "No" loud, clear, and many times.