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  • Identity theft and imposture so good it's "pathological" are ingredients in the story of Esther Elizabeth Reed, who New York authorities say has stolen identities in order to attend California State University at Fullerton, Harvard, and now Columbia, where she enrolled as a graduate student under a missing woman's name for two years before she got caught, the New York Post reports .
  • Two students from Harvard but none from the University of Chicago are members of this season's Beauty and the Geek cast, a fact that makes one Chicago Maroon editor very unhappy. Apparently, in his eyes, the Harvard students aren't geeky enough.
  • Searching for a silver lining to its team's blowout national championship loss, Ohio State's Daily Lantern points to money for playing in the game (the school gets just as much cash as Florida) and hawking merchandise (which the local Barnes & Noble is still selling).