Awards Update: Voting Ends January 23 at Midnight; Wesleyan Readers Love Their Blog

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We're glad you're logging on to save democracy. Keep spreading the word through January 23, and all the delicate tightrope walking on that thin line between modesty and uncurtailed chest-beating just might pay off ...

In the meantime, a sneak preview ranking, for Best at Walking That Line:

1. Columbia's Bwog: Headline, "Did We Mention How Good You Look Today?"

2. Harvard's Pablog: After a long post about this one time he was in a locker room, Pablog closes with an offer of--could it be?--bribery. "And vote," he writes parenthetically. "Who knows what Pablog will do if he wins ..."

3. The commenter who asked, fueling a brewing rivalry between, Columbia's alternative media candidate, and Wesleyan University's Wesleying blog: "Can we call 'Columbia' 'Cwumbia'? I think it would make the whole "bwog" thing easier to swallow ..."

4. Wesleying, which sources tell us created a Facebook event encouraging readers to vote for its blog.