Finally Here! The 2006 Paper Trail Awards, the U.S. News Rankings That You Decide

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The good ship Democracy has finally landed. Your votes will decide who tops the first annual Best College Newspapers of 2006 rankings and who doesn't: whether the Ivy League tops these rankings like it tops the others or whether it doesn't; whether Aleksey Vayner gets even more famous or whether he doesn't . . .

The rules are pretty simple: Each category's poll is in a separate post below. Only your first vote counts. Voting ends January 23 at midnight. Winners will be alerted, awarded, and publicly congratulated January 24. Losers will feel bad at first, then later realize the experience has only made them stronger.

Story of the Year: What was the big campus story in 2006?

Newsmaker of the Year: Which nominee was the Britney Spears/Brangelina of the college media in 2006?

Best College Paper Columnist: Whose column kept you coming back for more?

Best Alternative Media Outlet: Which was the best of 2006?