Second of Many More Reminders: Rankings Bonanza 2006 Has Begun! Send In Your Nominations

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Don't be afraid to nominate your friends, your enemies, or yourself for Paper Trail's first ever Guide to the Best College Newspapers. Unlike the other U.S. News Best Colleges guide, this edition will not actually rank anything; we're just going to name a winner. We also will not follow any kind of "methodology" or use "science." We're just going to have you vote. After all, according to one newsweekly magazine, it is your year. Even Google agrees.

Send nominations to Personalized replies are possible but not guaranteed.

In case you forgot, here are the categories:

Story of the Year: The biggest scandal of 2006 college media.

Newsmaker of the Year: The Bennifer of 2006 college media.

Best Photo: The white-something-on-a-blue-dress photo of 2006 college media.

Best Columnist: The Alex Kingsbury Advice Columnist of the ... well, you get the idea.

Best Alternative Media Outlet: Well, maybe you don't get this idea. We mean, anything that covers college news but isn't the college newspaper of record. So, The Michigan Daily: out. The Michigan Daily's "Wire" blog: in.