Purdue President: "I Urge Them to Discontinue the Strike"

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Citing "the business standards Purdue observes," University President Martin Jischke announced yesterday that he will not buckle under the pressure of the 10 or so students who have been fasting for 27 days, refusing food until Jischke signs an anti-sweatshop agreement. Protesters' responses were muddled, perhaps due to the fact that they've been starving themselves for almost a month. Graduate student John Slavin, who has lost about 24 pounds in 27 days, told the Exponent, confusingly, "I'm not going to stop until [Jischke] signs the damn thing, but there might be more effective realms [of protest] worth considering." An official university statement acknowledged the protest—in its 21st paragraph. The statement commended the hunger strikers for "deep commitment" but then urged them to "discontinue the strike in the interests of their own health."