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  • South Carolina has become the latest SEC school to get a live mascot, the Daily Gamecock reports. The new mascot is a 13-year-old English black-breasted red gamecock named Sir Big Spur.
  • A University of Pennsylvania alum says he will donate $50,000 toward new elevators if 5,000 students join his Facebook group, the Daily Pennsylvanian reports. Sounds familiar, but this group seems to be a little more legit than the one involving a fake person allegedly made as a way to get E-mails for a company to spam.
  • Three university presidents listed as contenders for the Harvard presidency--Amy Gutmann of the University of Pennsylvania, Lee Bollinger of Columbia, and Mary Sue Coleman of the University of Michigan--insist they wouldn't consider the job, according to reports in the Daily Pennsylvanian, the Columbia Spectator, and the Detroit Free Press.