Jimmy Carter Spends An Hour With Emory Paper, Defending Himself, New Book


The Emory professor who called former President Jimmy Carter's new book on the Middle East biased and inaccurate is mistaken, Carter told the Emory Wheel in an hourlong interview Wednesday. His defense came just one day after the professor, Kenneth Stein, resigned from his post at the school's Carter Center , telling the Wheel he did not want to be associated with Carter's new work, called Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid, "even in name."

Carter said that while he disagrees with Stein, he still respects him. "I think he's a wonderful man," he said. Meanwhile, Carter may have bigger worries: Other Emory faculty and students are starting not to trust him either, the Wheel says.PHOTO CREDIT: JEFFREY MACMILLAN FOR USN&WR

PHOTO CAPTION: Former president Jimmy Carter at a Rose Garden event at the White House.