Editorial: Student Athletes are "Ineducable"

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"The process of attempting to educate the ineducable or those who don't want to be educated is at best futile and at worst silly," the University of Oklahoma Daily declared in an unsigned staff editorial last week. They got some heat for the story--but, in at least one case, seem to have relieved some bottled tension, too. In response to an athletics director's comment that "There is no way a student would trade places" with a student athlete, one student wrote:

"No way I'd trade places with an OU athlete, you say? My typical day begins at 7 a.m. with classes throughout the day. When I get out of class, I go to work, often working until midnight during the weekday or as late as 2 a.m. After work it's back to my apartment to study, often ending my day at 3 a.m. Repeat this every day.

"At some point throughout my day, I must find time to get a workout in at the Huff. Throw in that I do my National Guard duty one weekend a month and you see that I, like many other students on OU's campus, do just as much or more than the athletes at OU, just to make ends meet.

"Before saying that we wouldn't want to switch places with an athlete, know where many of us come from and many of us must do a lot just to continue our education, which doesn't come free-of-charge."