Afroman Plays at Northwestern, Stays in Wisconsin


Northwestern's Chi Psi fraternity hosted the rapper Afroman this weekend, paying him with two 40-ounce bottles of Colt, dinner, and a hotel room. Afroman, whose song "Because I Got High" has won him a place on many iPods, "didn't have a dressing room, and the stage was only about 8 by 15 feet," but his biggest complaint was with the hotel. After a frat brother booked him a night at a Best Western across from the bar where he played, Afroman "got kind of flustered" and moved to a Red Roof Inn in Wisconsin, the Daily Northwestern reports. The Best Western was too close to the bar, Afroman said. Maybe it also had something to do with where a medical marijuana bill failed this month?

In other Afroman news, the Massachusetts judge who once sentenced a teenage drug offender to listen to "Because I Got High" to teach him a lesson about the consequences of drug use defended her unconventional sentencing earlier this month at a press conference, the University of Massachusetts Daily Collegian reports. Most recently, the judge sentenced a UMass student to stand in front of a police station at 5 a.m. in a toga.