South Carolina Reviewer Likes Borat; Frat Brother Likes His Mom

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A reviewer at the University of South Carolina, home of those Chi Psi frat boys in the RV who said embarrassing and racist things in Sacha Baron Cohen's new film, Borat, thinks the movie is "brilliant"–though he does deride the jokes that involve his school, saying they are used just "for shock value." Meanwhile, David Corcoran, one of the frat boys, tells FHM the producers bought him and his friends drinks at a bar and then had them pick up the hitchhiking Borat. Later, when he figured out what was really going on, Corcoran says, his first thought was, "What if my mom finds out?" According to the president of Chi Psi, who told The State he has no desire to see the movie, only two of the three frat brothers still attend USC.