Trail Mix

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  • Halloween is a "31-day affair" for one University of North Carolina student, who has been drinking Frightening Fruit Punch Hi-C, Candy Corn soda, and wearing orange and black bracelets every day, the Daily Tar Heel reports.
  • A controversial 9/11 memorial near the Arizona Capitol building uses quotes gathered by Arizona State University researchers, the Web Devil reports.
  • A community college student assisted University of Minnesota undergrads with a project by "dressing up in a foam suit and repeatedly running into a wall" this week, the Minnesota Daily reports.
  • A student government representative who also happens to be president of Michigan State University's Young Americans for Freedom group could be thrown out of student government depending on a recall ballot this week, the State News reports.
  • The Daily Pennsylvanian has this feature on Rep. Harold Ford's time at Penn.