Gallaudet Protesters Get Support--From Faculty and From Fleece


Lamar Thorpe of George Washington University sent coal and fleece blankets to the Gallaudet students who have spent the past three weeks protesting the appointment of a new university president, the Daily Colonial reports. Students and alumni have taken turns sleeping in tents pitched across the campus to urge Jane Fernandes's resignation. Yesterday, a majority of faculty joined that call, voting yes to a resolution urging Fernandes to step down or be removed, according to Inside Higher Ed.

Thorpe, the Student Association president at nearby GWU, came under criticism yesterday for spending SA money to support the protesters without SA senators' approval. Thorpe promised to replace the money, but he said he would continue his support of the protesters, 133 of whom were arrested Friday after the university called in police to end a weeks-long standoff. Thorpe said he plans to raise private money to help him support a cause he compared to the civil rights movement.