Rutgers "Bull's Blood" Society Wants Princeton's Blood, Too

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A secret society at Rutgers that calls itself the "Order of the Bull's Blood" has told the Daily Princetonian that it is responsible for a recent spate of vandalism. "WE WANT A GAME 1869 RUTGERS BB2" and "Give us a f—kin' game, f—gots" were spray-painted on Princeton grounds within a three-day span earlier this month. The person calling himself a representative of the Order of the Bull's Blood told the Prince his group has two goals: for Rutgers to take back a cannon the group says is its school's property and then to take on the Princeton football team.

An 1869 match between the two schools is thought to be the first ever intercollegiate football game, the Princetonian acknowledged. And, as even Princeton's website confirms, Rutgers won that match. "A week later, however," the website adds, "Princeton won the return match on its grounds, 8-0." Time for another "return match"!