Cooked-Pig-Head Hearing Today; Perpetrator Could Be on the Spit

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The 28-year-old senior accused of putting a cooked pig's head on the car of the chancellor of Southern Illinois University last spring was scheduled to stand before a university panel this morning to defend himself from possible suspension or expulsion, the Daily Egyptian reports. The Student Judicial Affairs Committee should notify the student, Garth Kiser, about punishment within five days. Kiser announced the date, time, and place of his hearing at a student government meeting Wednesday┬Śwhere he also brought a wrapped gift he said he planned to give to the chancellor to protest allegedly piggish spending. A video at explains the gift's contents, which included uncooked pork chops. Kiser is accused of sending a mass E-mail with a picture of the pig's head and the typed message: "Next time it won't be cooked!!!!!"