Columbia U. Under Spotlight After Struggle With Minutemen

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Wednesday evening, a group of students interrupted a speech by Minutemen founder Jim Gilchrist, rushing the stage with a banner that read "No human being is illegal!" Gilchrist never finished the speech. Now, the story is the subject of very mixed national attention. "Mob Rule at Columbia," says conservative FrontPage magazine. "Minutemen Suffer Defeat," says the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Apparently not sure which side to take, the university is conducting an investigation, the Columbia Spectator reports. Its main source: Writes the Spectator: "As of late Thursday night, 13 Columbia students and alumni had joined a Facebook group titled, 'YES, I was there when Gilchrist was rushed faster than CUFT's [Columbia Univ. Football Team's] Quarterback.'" At the time of this Paper Trail posting, three more people had joined--but this note had also been posted: "BREAKING NEWS: THE SPEC just informed me that they're using Facebook to track down people with pictures for prosecuting, definitely don't put them up!" The note added, "AS for Columbia Security, they aint got Nothing on US."