Another campus shooting spree


The five Duquesne University basketball players who were shot early Sunday morning on their campus seem to have been leaving a dance when they were wounded, the Duquesne Duke reports. Duquesne's Black Student Union held its College Bash 2006 late Saturday for students across the Pittsburgh region. The dance was scheduled to end at 2 a.m.; the players were shot at about 2:15. "There was a big group, and there was yelling, and people were [chanting] 'Fight! Fight!'" a student witness told the Duke. "All of a sudden, like, you see a guy in a white shirt, button-down. I jumped from the bench, I grab the girl who was next to me, and start telling everybody to get down." Pittsburgh police do not believe a Duquesne student is responsible for Sunday's violence.

Today is the first day back for students at Montreal's Dawson College, where a shooting closed classes last week, the Globe and Mail reports. In that case, a Dawson student shot himself after attacking his classmates.