Big Brother is Real

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Athletes at the University of Michigan had one more piece of paper to sign this year, the Daily reports. In the "Student-Athlete Conduct Policy Regarding Involvement in Internet-Based Social Networking Communities," athletes promise to demonstrate "honor and dignity" in their Facebook profiles--or else face "reduction or no-renewal" of their scholarships. Nine hundred people, most of them varsity athletes and coaches, gathered last week to learn more. Last year, the Michigan Daily pointed out, athletes across the country got in trouble--and some were suspended--after the website got hold of incriminating photos via Facebook.

Meanwhile, Northeastern University's former president just found out how revealing Facebook can be, the Northeastern News reports. To figure out the Facebook site, officials decided to look up somebody they knew well--the former Resident Student Association president. At first things seemed OK. Then they didn't. "My profile was pretty average of what a college student's would be, except that my picture was of me running through my kitchen naked," the student recalled.