Still Mad About Facebook

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Student outrage over the social networking site's redesign, including the News Feed and Mini Feed features,generated major news coverage--not to mention the still-surging Major Revolution. Campus papers quantified their rage with

graphs,graphics, and extensive hyperbole. "An epic battle has begun," reportedBoston University 'sDaily Free Press. Opinions vary about how to proceed. TheUniversity of Alabama'sCrimson Whitecalled for a return to the old content-"so we can stalk privately-you know, the way stalking is supposed to be done."Columbia University'sBwogcalled for mass profile-deletion. And a discussion board called Auto Admit urged users take matters into their own hands, with their new program,"The Facebook News Feed Killer". Meanwhile, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg has not updatedhis blog--or his profile--since he reported at 5:56am Sept 5, that he was "feeling the increased information flow already." Wonder if "flow" is still the best word choice...