Tune In, Turn On... Drop Facebook?

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A Columbia University blog thinks yesterday's Facebook.com

redesign "give[s] new meaning to the word 'heinous.'" The new "news feed" feature gives a detailed report of your networked friends' digital social interactions: "Lauren S and Nicholas J have ended their relationship"; "Jillian J added 'painting' to her interests"; "Daniel G joined the group NEW FACE BOOK SUCKS ASS." To protest,the Bwogurges its readers to delete their profiles. Great idea. Can't wait to read about it on the news feed!!

UPDATE: Zuckerberg Responds

They've seen the groups, saysFacebook.com creator Mark Zuckerberg. They know you're pissed. And they care! Aside from the promise of listening, however, Zuckerberg and his social networking mafia make no indications they will make a change. His only promise: "Stay tuned."