How Much Construction Money Would Your School District Lose?

See exactly how your school district would lose after the Senate's cuts to the stimulus bill.

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ProPublica, an independent newsroom for investigative journalism, has developed a tool that lets you see how much money your local school district could lose in construction funds under the Senate's version of the economic stimulus bill. The bill passed by the Senate no longer contains $16 billion to modernize and repair public schools. The House bill provides $14 billion for school construction. Both parties are now debating whether to include all or part of those funds in a final stimulus bill. Democrats argue that it will create jobs and improve learning conditions for students. Republicans are worried about the money being misspent and setting a precedent for greater federal funding of education, which historically has been the responsibility of states. Read more about the debate over education spending.

The folks at ProPublica used data from the proposed stimulus bills and the federal Department of Education to develop a tool that they say gives "you the ability to explore the real-world consequences of the potential funding cuts" if the Senate version is passed.

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