College Board Cancels One School's AP Scores After Cheating Scandal

Students protest, worrying about their college prospects.

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A cheating scandal at one Southern California high school has prompted the College Board to invalidate the scores of 690 Advanced Placement exams. Now, hundreds of students from Trabuco Hills High School in Orange County are protesting the decision. The Los Angeles Times is calling the imbroglio "perhaps the most memorable in Southern California since 1982, when the scores of more than a dozen students in Jaime Escalante's AP calculus class at Garfield High School were invalidated because of suspected cheating. The students retook the exams and passed, and the events were later turned into the film Stand and Deliver."

The protesters are students who say they didn't cheat on the exams and who are worried about their college prospects if the scores are not made valid. They have formed a group on Facebook called "Justice for 375." The College Board and Educational Testing Services say there was rampant misconduct during the testing in May and have no intention of reinstating the scores. At least 10 students allegedly cheated on statistics and macroeconomics tests by exchanging text messages using cellphones. There was also little supervision while students took the tests, including proctors who were asleep.

A new round of testing has been scheduled for August. But that has done little to appease families who say they won't go down without a fight. Would anyone out there pay to see this embarrassing mess re-created for the big screen?

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