Video Gives Tips for Surviving Campus Attacks

The video suggests, in some cases, that students could attack the gunman.

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There's been much debate over campus security measures in the aftermath of the shooting at Northern Illinois University, but there's been little talk about what students should actually do in the event that bullets fly. Now Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville has posted an instructional video for students, Shots Fired, on how to survive a shooter incident.

University officials say the video, produced by Corner Booth Productions and the Center for Personal Protection and Safety, may help students' chances of surviving ashooter incident on campus. The video suggests, among other things, that students take a more active role in escaping, or in some cases even attacking, the gunman.

The video is built around the idea of what students might do if the proverbial "lightning does strike," underscoring that such an event is unlikely. Indeed, with such long odds, one might question whether this is a productive use of a college's time and resources. Still, in a storm, it's good to know not to grab the metal pole.

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