High School Flunks in Florida But Aces the Ivy League

Principal criticizes the test-driven state accountability system.

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If these were graduates of Boston Latin, Thomas Jefferson, or another top public high school in the nation, the announcement would not be much of a surprise. But the 17 seniors who are going to Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, and other Ivy League schools in the fall are graduates of Hialeah High School, a school in south Florida that received an F rating from the state for its dismal test scores.

Check out this news story that shows the students celebrating and the school's principal pointing out a major inconsistency of test-driven state accountability systems. His point seems to be that you can't judge a school on test scores alone. Instead, a better way of measuring success should be how well a school's graduates perform in college. Maybe Harvard, Yale, and the other Ivy Leagues should answer that question for Hialeah High next year.

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