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Despite ranking amongst the most competitive tasks in all of higher education, the medical school application process is one that allows candidates to be proactive and take control of their fate by highlighting their distinctive backgrounds and diverse skill sets. This blog, "Medical School Admissions Doctor," is committed to helping medical school applicants do just that, and in turn, bolster their chances for gaining admission into venerable medical schools.

Every Monday, an admissions expert from Veritas Prep, a leading graduate school admissions consultancy specializing in medical school admissions, will share best practices for developing a comprehensive medical school admissions strategy and insights on crafting effective applications. Additionally, the blog will highlight news and trends in medical education, discussing practical takeaways for success in the current application cycle and long-term implications for career opportunities in the practice of medicine. 

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Veritas Prep's team of medical school admissions consultants is experienced in demystifying the complex and rigorous admissions process. They have a precise understanding of what admissions committees look for in a successful applicant because each has gained admission into, and graduated from, top medical schools themselves, including Harvard University, Stanford University, the University of Michigan, and the University of Pennsylvania. Beyond hailing from these leading programs, all Veritas Prep medical school admissions consultants have gone on to prestigious residency programs, fellowships, and careers in clinical practice, research, and academia, with many still participating actively with admissions boards at alma mater schools and current organizations. [See U.S. News's rankings of top primary care programs.]

Throughout their work with medical school hopefuls from all walks of life, Veritas Prep admissions consultants have found that the majority of medical school applicants are driven by passion and a desire to serve their communities. However, even with such altruistic intentions, applicants often fall victim to common application myths and overlook critical, yet subtle, nuances about medical school admissions that can jeopardize one's chances. Truly understanding the medical school admissions process as a whole, the application itself--particularly the AMCAS, secondary applications and interview days--and what admissions officers look for in an ideal applicant can help prospective students communicate their passion and drive in a way that frames their candidacy effectively and maximizes their chances for admission. We hope that the insights shared each week in this blog achieve this end for our readers.