Gates Foundation Donates $20 million for Online Courses

Bill Gates’s organization is funding 24 online, game-focused classes.


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced Wednesday it was donating more than $20 million to create 24 online courses in 42 states and a suite of tools and application to support them.

The courses will be math and language-arts focused and will be provided freely to schools in states that have adopted Common Core Standards, which prepare students for college and careers.

The Pearson Foundation, which is associated with textbook manufacturer Pearson, will partner with the Gates Foundation on the project and will design the courses. The courses will include video, interactive games, and social media.

Big winners include the Florida Virtual School, which will receive $2 million to develop two math and two language arts classes; Quest Atlantis, which will receive $2.6 million to develop math, English, and science-focused video games; and the Institute of Play, which will receive $2.5 million to develop teaching tools and game-design curricula.

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