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Taxpayers: More Money Won't Improve Education

Taxpayers don’t believe spending more money on education is the answer.

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Almost three quarters of taxpayers think they aren't getting their money's worth from the public education system, according to a new poll.

The Rasmussen poll, conducted Monday and Tuesday, found that 41 percent of people believe putting more money into the system won't improve student performance, but 54 percent believe the government does not spend enough on public education.

In 2008, America spent about $9,000 per student, with about half of that money coming from state taxes and 44 percent coming from local taxes. The federal government only spends about 8 percent of that money, an average of about $700 per student.

With budget cuts in many states, school districts are having to streamline their operations. A recent study by the Alliance for Excellent Education found that improving the high school dropout rate would pump billions of dollars into the economy.

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