Low Approval Rating for NYC Schools Chief

According to a new poll, New York’s Cathleen Black has just a 17 percent approval rating.


Cathleen Black, whose appointment as chancellor of New York City schools by Mayor Michael Bloomberg was shrouded in controversy, has a 17 percent approval rating just three months into the job, according to a NY1-Marist poll.

The outlook is slightly better for the school system—38 percent of the 772 respondents said they thought the schools in their neighborhood are either excellent or good.

New York, with more than 1,600 schools, is the largest system in the country. Black was appointed by Bloomberg in December; the move was controversial because the former chairman of Hearst Magazines and publisher of USA Today doesn't have a background in education.

Many respondents didn't know who she was—23 percent said they were unsure how to rate her or had never heard of her.

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