Goodbye and Good Luck

Read Ann's final law school admissions tips.

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As the "application" part of the season comes to a close, I would like to thank U.S. News and its readers for welcoming my posts throughout this admission cycle. As you sit and wait for law school admission decisions (checking your status online every few minutes, I know), I return to my own blog, Law School Expert. You can continue to follow my advice and discussions there.

For my last post on the Get In Law School Blog, I'd like to leave you with the following advice:

1. If you cannot get your act together to apply to law school this month, then let the dream go and wait another year. This shouldn't be a snap decision where you just go to any law school that will admit you this late in the game – you should give yourself every available option to make well considered decisions, and that involves doing things right.

2. If you have updated grades, jobs, honors, awards, or other information, do email schools and let them know. Send an updated transcript through LSAC as well.

3. Do not send extra essays or letters just because you are waiting for an admission decision. Wait until you are waitlisted. The only exceptions are updates (as per #2, above) and thank-you notes after visits or interviews.

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4. If you are waitlisted, campaign to get into the school if you want to go there. If you don't want to go there, kindly withdraw your name from consideration so someone else can be given the opportunity more expediently.

5. If you are waitlisted, be prepared to stay on the waitlist through the summer. These decisions are mostly made in June and July.

6. Do not assume you will be able to transfer law schools after your 1L year.

7. Seriously consider scholarship offers. One of my clients got into a top 10 school and has a full ride offer to a Top 50 school that she is seriously considering. Put yourself in her position – what a great decision to have looming!

I wish you all the best in this endeavor, and I try to answer every question posted on my Law School Expert blog, so please feel free to find me there.

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