6 Top Tips from College Admissions Experts

What the experts have to say about early decision, senioritis, and transferring schools.

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Each year, the leading experts in college admissions gather at the annual convention for the National Association for College Admission Counseling. This year's convention was held last week in Seattle, and U.S. News Senior Writer Kim Clark took a video camera along.

Here's some of the great advice she got from the experts there:

Early Decision vs. Early Action

Quick Tip: You might have a better chance of getting in if you apply early. Don't Take the Summer Off!

Quick Tip: Putting off the college process might make it more difficult. What Is Senioritis?

Quick Tip: Don't fall victim to this end-of-the-school-year illness. Schools Revoke Admission Offers

Quick Tip: Colleges do notice when high school grades have dropped. Transferring Schools

Quick Tip: The ins and outs of transferring out of community college Student Debt vs. the Banking Bailout

Quick Tip: Should the federal government buy out student debt, too?

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