Updates to 2014 Best Online Programs Rankings

Two programs have been removed from the online bachelor’s and online nursing degree rankings.

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U.S. News removed two schools' online degree programs from usnews.com.

Two programs – John F. Kennedy University's online bachelor's degree program and Pennsylvania State University—World Campus's online nursing degree program – have been removed from the 2014 Best Online Programs rankings.

With John F. Kennedy University, the removal from the online bachelor's rankings was due to data issues. With Pennsylvania State University—World Campus, the removal from the online nursing rankings was due to the inadvertent publication of the data by U.S. News.

John F. Kennedy told U.S. News earlier this month, just after the new rankings were published, that it could no longer stand by the accuracy of any of its online bachelor's degree data that it submitted to U.S. News in fall 2013.

Penn State—World Campus told U.S. News during the fall 2013 data collection cycle that it wished to withdraw its data submission for its online nursing degree program from the 2014 rankings and Web directory. Due to a technical error, the program's data were included when the 2014 rankings were published online.

As a result, U.S. News has removed both of these schools' online degree programs completely from usnews.com.

We have added a footnote to the Best Online Bachelor's Programs and Best Online Graduate Nursing Programs rankings tables to indicate an update has occurred.

U.S. News did not change the rankings or any other degree program's data in the 2014 Best Online Program rankings.

We will continue to handle data reporting issues on a case-by-case basis.