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Since the release of the new U.S. News 2012 Best High Schools rankings earlier this month, one of the most frequently asked questions is how to find out more information about the data and rankings and how to contact U.S. News in order to get detailed questions answered.

If you have a question about the Best High Schools, there is a strong likelihood that it's covered in our Frequently Asked Questions, which tackle 18 of the most regularly asked questions about the rankings.

One common question is regarding the sources of information that U.S. News used to calculate the 2012 rankings. There are a number of data sources used to produce the Best High Schools rankings; see a detailed explanation of sources here.

If you are a high school official, including school superintendent, principal, or assistant principal, or a state, county, or federal government official tasked with high school issues, and you want to find out how to ask U.S. News questions about the rankings and the data used in the rankings, please see our Information for High School Officials.

If you are from the media and have questions that you want to ask about U.S. News or about the rankings and the data used, please see our Frequently Asked Questions for Media.

If you're looking for a short explanation of the rankings methodology and other highlights of the Best High Schools, see the Best High Schools methodology.

If you are interested in the most detailed and comprehensive explanation of the rankings and its methodology, data sources, data fields, and calculations, please see the Technical Appendix produced by our partner, the American Institutes for Research (AIR).