Update to Iona College's 2012 Best Colleges Ranking

The New York school has been moved to the 'Unranked' category.

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Iona College in New York advised U.S. News in fall 2011 that certain of its data points had been falsified, resulting in the submission of inflated information that was used in the 2012 edition of the Best Colleges rankings, and thereby making its rank in the Regional Universities—North category higher than it otherwise would have been.

[See our previous post on Iona's inflation of rankings data.]

Because of the discrepancies, Iona College has changed from being a ranked school to an "Unranked" school in the Best Colleges section of usnews.com. Unranked means that U.S. News did not calculate a numerical ranking for this school.

This Unranked status will last until the publication of the next Best Colleges rankings and until Iona confirms the accuracy of the school's next data submission in accordance with U.S. News's standard requirements.

We will note this status on the school's profile page and will replace the misreported data there and in our U.S. News College Compass tool with the new data reported as accurate by Iona, where such data were provided by the school.

U.S. News will continue to handle each case of data misreporting on an individual basis. U.S. News has not changed the ranking of any other college in the current Best Colleges rankings.

This list shows how Iona College's corrected data compare to what Iona falsely first reported for the 2012 Best Colleges rankings:

Fall 2010 entering class

Average verbal and math SAT

Actual after correction: 1,009

As first reported: 1,101

Acceptance rate

Actual after correction: 67.0

As first reported: 60.2

Average first year retention rate

Actual after correction: 80.75

As first reported: 85.75

Average six-year graduation rate

Actual after correction: 58.7

As first reported: 62.0

Student-faculty ratio

Actual after correction: 15:1

As first reported: 13:1

Average alumni giving rate

Actual after correction: 12.0

As first reported: 26.0