Update to the 2013 Best Graduate Schools Rankings

Schools tell U.S. News of reporting errors for data used in the new Best Graduate Schools rankings.

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Two schools have advised U.S. News that they had made reporting errors that resulted in submitting inflated data that were used in the recently published 2013 edition of the Best Graduate Schools rankings, resulting in their rankings being higher than they otherwise might have been.

Because of the discrepancies, U.S. News is moving these two programs to the "Unranked" category in the Best Graduate Schools section of www.usnews.com. Unranked means that U.S. News did not calculate a numerical ranking for this school. This Unranked status will last until the publication of the next Best Graduate Schools rankings and until the accuracy of each school's next data submission is confirmed to U.S. News.

We will note this status on each school's profile page, and include the corrected data there and in our U.S. News Best Graduate Schools Compass section. U.S. News will continue to handle each case of data misreporting on an individual basis. U.S. News did not change the ranking of any other graduate school.

Law: University of St. Thomas School of Law in Minneapolis advised U.S. News that it overreported the number and proportion of its 2010 graduates who had jobs at graduation. School officials have now reported that the correct at-graduation placement rate for 2010 graduates was 32.9 percent, compared to the incorrect 80.6 percent rate that was originally reported to U.S. News. This value is used in the overall rankings and has a weight of 4 percent.

Education: University of Houston advised U.S. News that it overreported the amount of research expenditures the education school had received during fiscal year 2011. The school told U.S. News that its correct fiscal year 2011 research expenditures amounted to $3.5 million, compared to the incorrect $13.4 million that was originally reported. This total amount of research is used in the rankings to compute the average research expenditures (15 percent of the overall rankings) and average research expenditures per faculty member (15 percent of the overall rankings).