Important Information on Upcoming Best Colleges Rankings

Here are some key points for schools to know as the launch of the new Best Colleges rankings nears.


It's now less than one month before the new rankings are being released on Here is some important information that relates to this highly anticipated launch, set for September 13:

School photos: Over the past 10 months, more than 700 colleges and universities have added photos of their schools to their online directory homepages in the Education section of The photo galleries give our student and parent users an even better feel for each school and allow schools to showcase what makes their campus unique. Now, with less than three weeks until the release of the 2012 Best Colleges rankings, it's a great time for your school to submit photos, if you haven't yet.

For school officials, the U.S. News school photo tool is free and easy to use. Last year, accounts were created for officials at each college and university in the U.S. News database, and submission directions were sent out to school PR contacts. If your school has yet to upload photos—or can't locate your login information—please contact to get on your way to showcasing your school to our audience.

Methodology changes: For the Best Colleges 2012 edition, we have updated the colleges that are in our ranking categories to reflect the 2010 edition of the basic classification as put out by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching's Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. As a result some colleges changed U.S. News ranking categories in the 2012 edition rankings compared to the 2011 edition. We also have included for-profit institutions into the rankings if they meet the necessary criteria to be ranked. More detailed explanations on these and other changes will be announced on September 13 at

How to contact U.S. News: If you are a college official and have questions about the upcoming rankings or the data U.S. News is using, contact

If you are a college official and have questions or last-minute changes to your institution's public relations contact information or other survey contact information, please contact

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