View Law Schools, Business Schools Rankings Presentations

U.S. News makes recent law school and business school ranking presentations accessible to all.

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As I mentioned earlier this month, U.S. News and Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions have worked together to give two live Webcasts on the U.S. News Best Law Schools and Best Business Schools rankings. Part of the broadcasts included PowerPoint presentations that provided prospective law and business school students significant insights into the rankings and how to best use the rankings in their graduate school application process.

The presentations (available below) answered such key questions as: what role should rankings play in deciding where to apply and go to law or business school; why the rankings are done by U.S. News; the philosophy behind the rankings; details on the how the rankings are calculated and the statistical factors used in each rankings; and comments on the various controversies surrounding the rankings. In addition, the presentations provide the U.S. News response to ongoing criticisms of the rankings by law and business schools academics.

July 22 presentation: Inside the Law School Rankings with U.S.News & World Report:

July 27 presentation: Inside the Business School Rankings with U.S.News & World Report: