New Best Colleges Rankings Are Coming Soon

Here are some details about the upcoming Best Colleges rankings launch, set for August 17.

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It's getting very close to the launch of the new Best Colleges rankings. The 2011 edition will be published on Tuesday, August 17, which is the day the new rankings go live online. The site will have the most complete version of the rankings, tables, and lists, and it will have extensive statistical profiles on each school. The Best Colleges Web site also will have wide-ranging interactivity, a college search, and school profiles to enable students and parents to find the school that best fits their needs. These exclusive rankings will also be published in our newsstand guidebook and in the magazine's September 2011 issue, both of which will go on sale later in August.

Watch this blog prior to the launch of the new Best Colleges rankings for details on methodology and presentation changes in the new edition of the rankings.

Some of the rankings to look for on August 17:

For the second time, U.S. News is publishing a rankings of colleges by high school counselors. In addition, for the second year in a row we will be publish a ranking that shows which schools have the greatest "commitment to undergraduate teaching." For the third year in row, we will publish the very popular list of "Up-and-Coming Institutions"—the colleges making innovative improvements. In addition, we will have our fourth annual ranking of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. We will also publish new rankings of top undergraduate business programs and top undergraduate engineering programs.

In addition, we have lists, tables, and articles to help you navigate the college application process. Some of these include:

A+ Schools for B Students, for students who want to go to a good college but don't have straight-A grades

Paying for College Guide, which shows which schools offer you the best education for the least amount of money and provides other vital information on financial aid and the cost of colleges
Academic Programs to Look For, which notes schools that are outstanding examples of academic programs believed to enhance a student's education. You'll also be able to see these tables:

—Top public universities

—Schools whose students graduate with the most and least debt
—Economic diversity on campus
—Ethnic diversity on campus
—Best Values
—Schools that award the most (and least) need-based aid
—Schools whose freshmen are least (and most) likely to return
—Highest graduation rate
—Highest proportion of classes under 20
—Most international students We'll also have Top 100 lists that highlight characteristics to consider when deciding which college is right for you:

—Highest acceptance rates

—Highest four-year graduation rates
—Most students living in university housing
—Most students in fraternities and sororities
—Most students receiving merit aid
—Most students studying abroad
—Most transfer students
—Most students over age 25
—Most student living off campus Searching for a college? Get our complete rankings of America's Best Colleges.