Updates to One Law School's Ranking Data

University of Alabama is the only law school to say it made an error in its ranking data.


Officials at just one school to date, University of Alabama's law school, have told U.S. News that they made errors reporting some of their data that were used in the newly published America's Best Graduate Schools 2011 rankings. U.S. News won't recalculate the rankings because of this or any mistake made by the schools, but we are soon going to correct the data on our website. 

University of Alabama officials were too late in reporting the information used to calculate the percentage of their 2008 graduating class that was employed, which affected the new law school rankings. U.S. News received the correct data from University of Alabama's law school after the rankings were completed and published. University of Alabama's correct rate for 2008 law graduates employed at graduation is 92.1 percent. The University of Alabama law school received an estimate in the law school ranking model for this value and it was published as N/A or not available.

University of Alabama's law schools would have ranked higher, had its actual at graduation employment rate data had been used in the rankings instead of an estimate.

If other schools have made errors in their rankings data and they notify U.S. News via E-mail at official@usnews.com, U.S. News will explain the error in this blog and then correct the data online.