America's Best High Schools Heads to Times Square

New York mayor will be joined on New Year's Eve by students from the city's top-ranked high schools.


The recent release of our 2010 America's Best High Schools rankings continues to draw lots of attention in local communities nationally. These rankings will now get global visibility on a different stage, New York's Times Square, as part of tonight's New Year's Eve celebration.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently announced that he will be joined in Times Square on New Year's Eve to push the button for the ceremonial lowering of the New Year's Eve ball by students from the 12 New York City public high schools that earned a spot on the America's Best High Schools' Top 100 "Gold Medal" List. The schools represent all parts of New York since each of the city's five boroughs is home to at least one of these top-ranked high schools.

Mayor Bloomberg said:

"New York City is the most exciting and important place on earth 24/7, but there's something particularly special about the last and first few seconds of the year, when more than a billion people around the planet have their eyes on us at the exact same time. In that brief window, we get to showcase to the world what's best about New York, and I couldn't be more proud that these students­—who represent everything we've done together to turn one of the nation's worst public school systems into its most promising—will be there with us."

According to New York City Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein, "These students represent some of the best schools in the nation, but they also represent the incredible diversity of our city, including recent immigrants and lifelong New Yorkers from all five boroughs. They are scholars, athletes, artists, and leaders who give generously to their schools and to their communities. I am extremely proud of them, their peers, and the educators whose dedication ensures that our students can look forward to continued success in 2010 and for decades to come."

U.S.News & World Report has been publishing the America's Best Colleges rankings annually since 1987 and the America's Best Graduate Schools rankings yearly since 1990. U.S. News first published the America's Best High Schools rankings in December 2007, and six New York City public high schools ranked among the top 100 on that first list. In December 2008, nine New York City public high schools ranked among the top 100 on the U.S. News list. In December 2009, 12 schools from the New York City boroughs of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island were ranked by U.S. News among the top 100, representing a 100 percent increase in just two years.

Each of the New York City high schools that made gold is listed below with the name of its borough, the name of its Times Square celebration student representative, and its rank in the 2010 edition of America's Best High Schools: